Reviews from our customers

Sensius Laser Clinic are thrilled to have been awarded the Phorest Client Experience Award due to our incredible 4.5 and higher rating.  Please find below some of our most recent reviews from real customers.  These reviews have been verified by Phorest Salon Software or Facebook and are updated monthly.  Check! maybe yours is below!

Great service as always, super quick and lovely friendly professional staff.

Rating 5/5 – L.S. - November 2017

The girl that does my Lazor makes me feel so comfortable and is the reason I have got other areas done and also request to have her do the treatment. She explaines everything and always answers any questions I have.

Rating 5/5 – N.K. - November 2017

On my 5th session now and very happy with my results! Grace in the Ilac store is very calming and friendly and makes the experience much more bearable.

Rating 5/5 – A.D. - Sensius Ilac- October 2017

Would completely recommend. I'm having amazing results and regret not doing it sooner. The girls are lovely and make you feel at ease.

Rating 5/5 – S.R. -  October 2017

Grace is always extremely helpful and friendly and makes the experience as light hearted and easy as possible.

Rating 5/5 – A.F. -  October 2017

My experience with sensius in the ilac shopping centre has genuinely been nothing less than perfect every visit. The ladies are all so lovely and always smiling. I have had two diff girls for my 6 sessions and I was made feel absolutely at home and comfortable every single time. After years of waxing I finally plucked up the couarage to go for the LHR consultation and I've never looked back after that. It's the best thing I've ever done! Sensius are outstanding at what they do and their facilities are so hygienic and above and beyond. I've already booked myself back in to get two more areas done with the LHR. I'm addicted now !!! Definitely couldn't recommended them anymore they're great !!!! 

Rating 5/5 – J.K. - Sensius Ilac- September 2017

Laser hair removal has been an efficient treatment for me. Girls are very well trained and very professional. Thank you Vanessa

Rating 5/5 – G.V. - Sensius Ilac- September 2017

I'm very happy with my experience in Sensius today, I had my first bikini line session with Shunika who was extremely helpful and professional. I was quite nervous but she put me totally at ease and the procedure itself was very quick and easy.

Rating 5/5 – S.B. - Sensius Pavilions- September 2017

Brilliant customer service and would highly recommend this place to anyone! Couldn't believe how quick the treatment time lasted! In & out! Looking forward to my next visit 

Rating 5/5 – M.F. - Sensius Pavilions- July 2017

I found my experience with you today excellent as you answered all the questions I had and I'm really looking forward to my first session next week

Rating 5/5 – B. MC. - Sensius Navan- July 2017 

The ladies here are so welcoming and ease you into the procedure. Very excited to come back and see these ladies (and the results!)

 Rating 5/5 – K.H. - Sensius Ilac- July 2017

Always such a pleasant experience. Such a clean and well kept place which is always a bonus. Results are amazing and is honestly life changing. Thanks ladies :)

 Rating 5/5 – G.M. - Sensius Ilac- June 2017

Big thanks to Ruth ..,excellent service and amazing result.

Rating 5/5 – H.M. - Sensius Navan- June 2017 

Great service - friendly and professional. Didn't feel uncomfortable at all which is a bonus!

Rating 5/5 – K.S. - Sensius Pavilions- June 2017

Staff are always very nice, getting great results from both hair removal and vein treatment thanks to the girls in Sensius

 Rating 5/5 – P. ML. - Sensius Ilac- May 2017

Excellent session,professional as always, prompt & quick !!

Rating 5/5 – S.M. - Sensius Pavilions- May 2017

My therapist was fantastic; knowledgable and reassuring

Rating 5/5 – S..T. - Sensius Ilac- May 2017

Very efficient professional & very friendly.....would definitely recommend 

Rating 5/5 – J.D. - Sensius Navan- May 2017

Excellent service as always

Rating 5/5 – O.K. - Sensius Pavilions- May 2017

Very happy with my visit and professionalism shown.

Rating 5/5 – S.C. - Sensius Navan- May 2017

Delighted with my session at Sensius as always. Vanessa was lovely and put me at ease straight away. 

Rating 5/5 – L.H. - Sensius Ilac- April 2017

Shunika was outstanding. She explained everything and was very empathetic and caring. Thank you Shunika 

Rating 5/5 – C.M. - Sensius Pavilions- April 2017

Brilliant experience like the last time the girl made me feel so relaxed and comfortable ! Such a quick treatment too 

Rating 5/5 – C.M. - Sensius Pavilions- April 2017

Fabulous treatment. It's really is working very well after 3 sessions. Would highly recommend

Rating 5/5 – H.M - Sensius Navan- April 2017

Excellent 4th treatment huge reduction in hair growth. 

Rating 5/5 – C.C. - Sensius Navan - April 2017

Couldn't feel more comfortable with the girls. They are just a credit to what they do. I may have become slightly addicted to laser now :)

Rating 5/5 – C.M. - Sensius Pavilions- April 2017

Staff are always kind and friendly. Quick treatment and seeing great results.

 Rating 5/5 – L.D. - Sensius Pavilions - March 2017

I absolutely LOVE Yvonne! She does such a wonderful job making me feel comfortable even while contorting into embarrassing positions lol. Love Sensius well worth the money to avoid shaving!

Rating 5/5 – K.T. - Sensius Ilac- March 2017

I found Vanessa to be friendly, knowledgeable & professional.

Rating 5/5 – R.MC.- Sensius Ilac- February 2017

I always have a great experience at Sensius. Laura is so supportive and relaxed; I never feel rushed and she's incredibly patient with my incessant requests to stop and take a few deep breaths! 

Rating 5/5 – R.T. - Sensius Ilac- February 2017

Laura is lovely... So impressed with results I've signed up to get legs done now...

 Rating 5/5 – E.D. - Sensius Pavilions - January 2017

Great results and lovely staff! Very professional! Had my 4th treatment and the results are amazing! 

 Rating 5/5 – C.B. - Sensius Pavilions - January 2017

Excellent results excellent standards very professional very clean Extremely happy with the results only on my third session. Worth every penny.

 Rating 5/5 – L.M. - Sensius Pavilions - January 2017

Claire is professional well managed and put you at ease. You are given a five star treatment You will be amazed how quick and pain free this treatment is, and wow the results are fabulous. I can't stop talking and sharing my experience with family and friends. Keep up the great work girls.

 Rating 5/5 – K.G.- Sensius Pavilions - January 2017