Reviews from our customers 2014-2015-2016

"Have had 5 treatments to date and have to say both Fiona and Kirsty have made me feel at ease each time, very friendly and very professional. I am seeing excellent results and i am so happy, many thanks guys, cannot recommend you enough."

Rating 5/5 - D.C.- Sensius Pavilions - September 2016

"Great service well pleased with results"

Rating 5/5 - M.H.- Sensius Navan - September 2016

"it was excellent work .. and lovely and friendly fyona .. I enjoyed it .. and I love the results ."

Rating 5/5 - M.A.- Sensius Pavilions - September 2016

"Love Sensius. Lovely staff and great results. Will definitely use again as plan to treat a different area."

Rating 5/5 - D.C.- Sensius Pavilions - September 2016

"Really seeing the results now and Ruth is so nice and friendly should have done this years ago my confidence is back"

Rating 5/5 - G.C.- Sensius Navan - September 2016

"Great experience! Lovely staff, explained everything very well"

Rating 5/5 - J.B.- Sensius Ilac - September 2016

"Sorry can't remember the girls name. She was really took the time to ask how I thought the treatment was going. A very personal service but made feel totally at ease. Pain free and so worth it! (My friends have got it done in other places and found it really painful). 5* service. I would really recommend this laser treatment."

Rating 5/5 - L.G.- Sensius Pavilions - September 2016

"The staff are very friendly and the service provide is excellent"

Rating 5/5 - E.F.- Sensius Ilac - September 2016

"Professional and friendly as always"

Rating 5/5 - E.T.- Sensius Navan - September 2016

"everything was perfect"

Rating 5/5 - K.D.- Sensius Ilac - September 2016

"Found the treatment pain free and very quick and lovely staff that are very helpful"

Rating 5/5 - R.K.- Sensius Navan - September 2016

"As always I had a fantastic experience at the clinic. Naomi is so professional, couldn't be happier."

Rating 5/5 - S.M.- Sensius Ilac - September 2016

"Had an excellent session. One of the girls is fantastic, very helpful, kind and funny. Would definitely recommend this place to a friend."

Rating 5/5 - S.M.- Sensius Ilac - September 2016

"Lovly girls...always."

Rating 5/5 - M.K.- Sensius Ilac - September 2016

"Excellent service"

Rating 5/5 - E.M.- Sensius Navan - September 2016

"Fiona was g8 n everything perfect"

Rating 5/5 - C.F.- Sensius Pavilions - September 2016

"Very quick and quite pain free , girl was lovely and so professional ."

Rating 5/5 - L.S.- Sensius Ilac - September 2016

"This was my second out of 6 for a full bikini laser hair removal. I had everything except a landing strip done over 10 years ago, which was a long-winded, very painful experience back then. Absolutely nothing compared to the new technology used by Sensius. I also am there for tattoo removal and I am certainly going to go for other treatments with them. Their special offers are exceptional value, and it really works! Yes, it is not without pain, that is to be expected, but the girls are so fast with the treatments, by the time the pain catches up the procedure is over already. Even after the first treatment, I noticed a very good hair growth reduction. The staff is quick, efficient, friendly, making or amending appointments is easy, it is a very clean environment and I definitely recommend sensius if you want laser tattoo or hair removal."

Rating 5/5 - C.B.- Sensius Pavilions - September 2016

"I would definitely recommend this clinic to all my friends,brilliant therapist highly skilled"

Rating 5/5 - M.K.- Sensius Ilac - September 2016

"So so happy with the service every session I have the girls are lovely in the Navan store highly recommend to everyone"

Rating 5/5 - L.H.- Sensius Navan - September 2016

"Very informed consultation today with Laura. Would highly recommend this clinic."

Rating 5/5 - A.B.- Sensius Ilac - September 2016

"Fast, efficient, friendly and knowledgeable service! Thanks!"

Rating 5/5 - L.E.- Sensius Pavilions - September 2016

"Welcoming, friendly and professional ,that's how i can describe my visit in the sensius"

Rating 5/5 - I.P.- Sensius Ilac - September 2016

"i never had such amazing experience before :)"

Rating 5/5 - N.H.- Sensius Ilac - September 2016

"So far my treatment has been going very well. Fiona is extremely friendly, kind, bubbly, and helpful. Fiona will answer any questions I have and always ensures that I am comfortable throughout my session ??"

Rating 5/5 - N.F.- Sensius Pavilions - September 2016

"All done in 25 minutes and got seen to straight away. Yvonne was absolutely fantastic and made the experience seamless! Looking forward to my third session. Thank you :) "

Rating 5/5 - S.B.- Sensius Ilac - September 2016

"Lovely pleasant staff make the experience so relaxin"

Rating 5/5 - R.S.- Sensius Navan - September 2016

"Great customer service and attention. Thank you"

Rating 5/5 - N.Z.- Sensius Ilac - September 2016

"It was my first time in sensius ( not the last one) and my experience is really positive. Nice and helpful consultant who explain me everything making sure I do not miss any information. Big plus."

Rating 5/5 - E.K.- Sensius Ilac - September 2016

"Always a pleasent & relaxed experience even though it is something you feel wouldn't be. Fiona is so caring and brilliant at her job which puts you at ease so thank you :)"

Rating 5/5 - F.D.- Sensius Pavilions - September 2016

"Every time I go to the clinic the girls are always polite and punctual. I'm loving the treatment and atmosphere."

Rating 5/5 - K.M.- Sensius Ilac - September 2016

"Really really happy with the results, should have done it years ago but I suppose its only got better over the years and you have now perfected it. Thanks for a wonderful and pain free experience. Fiona just brilliant (great staff)."

Rating 5/5 - F.E.- Sensius Pavilions - August 2016

"Great results the annoying hairs are going now and I can walk out confidently The staff are very friendly and helpful"

Rating 5/5 - C.O.- Sensius Navan - August 2016

"Delighted with my results never thought anything would work for me "so happy with how my treatments are goin ''girls are lovly always make u feel welcome , thanks girls" 

Rating 5/5 - V.T.- Sensius Ilac - August 2016

"I can already see some very good resaults, Looking forward to get more treatement done :-)"

Rating 5/5 - V.P.- Sensius Ilac - August 2016

"Quick and easy, no pain at all, lovely friendly staff"

Rating 5/5 - D.B.- Sensius Ilac - August 2016

"I would 100% recommended this place. The laser hair removal here is great and im trilled with the results. The girls are so lovely and are always very happy and friendly."

Rating 5/5 - A.B.- Sensius Ilac - August 2016

"First treatment today, was so nerves but had no need to be. Your staff are just amazing and representing your company so well. I was so at ease because of this within a minute or arriving and cant wait for the next treatment. Thank you"

Rating 5/5 - D.H.- Sensius Pavilions - August 2016

"Session five and loving it. Not having to shave as much and getting rid of ingrown hairs which I have had for years. So happy. Kirsty a pleasure as always. Thank you"

Rating 5/5 - D.C.- Sensius Pavilions - August 2016

"Ruth was so lovely and helpful. Great experience"

Rating 5/5 - A.F.- Sensius Navan - August 2016

"Lovely atmosphere, very professional and staff so friendly and helpful :)"

Rating 5/5 - S.M.- Sensius Navan - August 2016

"Great session highly recommended this salon. Naomi as usual was fantastic."

Rating 5/5 - R.T.- Sensius Ilac - August 2016

"Naomi was a great therapist and I am always so happy with the results!"

Rating 5/5 - S.T.- Sensius Ilac - August 2016

"My experience at Sensius is always so good – Laura is super friendly and professional and makes me feel really at ease. The laser hair removal is completely painless, so that's not even an issue, and the laser tattoo removal is made as comfortable as possible – I always know that I can stop whenever I want, take my time. I have never, ever felt rushed or as though I'm on a timetable, and Laura always remembers what we've talked about which is a lovely touch! I'd highly recommend Sensius."

Rating 5/5 - R.M.- Sensius Ilac - August 2016

"Kirsty is a lovely girl. Very professional and friendly. Highly recommend." 

Rating 5/5 - D.C.- Sensius Pavilions - August 2016

"Thoroughly enjoyed my laser treatment today with Fiona. She made Mr feel relaxed and comfortable.I would highly recommend this place. Thanks again."

Rating 5/5 - K.D.- Sensius Pavilions - August 2016

"Hi, had a patch test done on fri 19th august. I have had no problems, all good. Staff were lovely made me feel very welcome. I was embarrased going in but the girls were great and made me feel at ease and comfortable. I left feeling good and on my way to sorting out my problem. Thanks Deirdre Healy."

Rating 5/5 - D.H.- Sensius Ilac - August 2016

"Laura was thorough and efficient and I look forward to starting my treatment. Very competitive prices."

Rating 5/5 - M.B.- Sensius Ilac - July 2016

"Amazing customer service!"

Rating 5/5 - I.V.- Sensius Ilac - July 2016

"Clare is an excellent professional.. I'm really glad with her! Thanks a million!" 

Rating 5/5 - V.J.- Sensius Ilac - July 2016

"I am always so pleased after my session. Alaways fine the staff i deal with lovely. Thank u Laura"

Rating 5/5 - A.O.- Sensius Ilac - July 2016

"I had 2 treatments so far and I couldn't be more happier with the results and the way I am treated there. 
Girls are upmost professional, efficient and most of all very welcoming & friendly. I can't review this place enough. You won't be disappointed should you attend. Matea"

Matea - July 2016

"The Girls are really nice and gentle. I didn't finish my sessions, but the result are unbelievable. Thank you."

Rating 5/5 - S.A.- Sensius Ilac - July 2016

"Excellent as always .. Only my 2nd session and can already see a difference"

Rating 5/5 - S.A.- Sensius Ilac - July 2016

"Just had my third session with Naomi. She was very professional and made the experience fly by!"

Rating 5/5 - S.T.- Sensius Ilac - July 2016

"Treatments went really well, friendly therapist, hardly any pain and overall a very good experience."

Rating 5/5 - P.M.- Sensius Ilac - July 2016

"Very helpful, found the laser painfree which I was completely surprised by and no after effect. Starting my first full session next week and looking forward to it."

Rating 5/5 - L.W.- Sensius Navan - July 2016

"Staff member who looked after me Lisa I think was amazing. It was the first time me ever using a different beautican....ect in last 10 years regarding my bikini so I was soooo nervous. But she put my mind at rest and made me feel so comfortable. Now I am looking forward to my next appt , thanks so much" 

Rating 5/5 - D.H.- Sensius Navan - July 2016

"Naomi is the best of the best."

Rating 5/5 - A.D.- Sensius Ilac - July 2016

"Laura and the girl who originally spoke with me at reception and yest. morning also were completely professional ,informative ,pleasent and very easy to deal with. EXCELLENT.staff."

Rating 5/5 - H.D.- Sensius Ilac - July 2016

"I am always so pleased after my session. Alaways fine the staff i deal with lovely. Thank u Laura"

Rating 5/5 - A.O.- Sensius Ilac - July 2016

"I just did my 4th session with Sensius. I love the results I have seen so far as I barely had to shave some areas in preparation for the session. The laser treatment definitely works. The staff are beyond lovely and very professional. They ensure you are comfortable and are super friendly. I will be looking to do more areas once I am finished with this session. :-) Anna."

Rating 5/5 - A.G.- Sensius Ilac - July 2016

"Very friendly easy appointment felt very at ease and looking forward to my next appointment."

Rating 5/5 - R.M.- Sensius Navan - July 2016

"So professional, everything was explained so clearly and I left feeling 100% looked after and I can't wait to start my treatment next week" 

Rating 5/5 - B.B.- Sensius Navan - July 2016

"Yvonne is so friendly. So helpful. I would recommend Sensuis to all friends. Explained all. Answered all question. Made sure I understood all said to me. Thank you"

Rating 5/5 - T.M.- Sensius Ilac- July 2016

"Kirsty was fantastic, so professional. Answered all my questions and mad me feel relaxed. Thank you so so much. Can't wait to get started on Saturday ??"

Rating 5/5 - K.M.- Sensius Ilac- July 2016

"Great service - organised, structured, well explained & immaculately clean. Ruth was lovely too!"

Rating 5/5 - D.W.- Sensius Ilac- July 2016

"Excellent as always .. Only my 2nd session and can already see a difference"

Rating 5/5 - S.A.- Sensius Ilac- July 2016

"The Girls are really nice and gentle. I didn't finish my sessions, but the result are unbelievable. Thank you."

Rating 5/5 - S.A.- Sensius Ilac- July 2016

"Very satisfied. Thank you"

Rating 5/5 - J.M.- Sensius Ilac- July 2016

"Really nice girl did my treatment. Very professional, nice, smiley and helpful" 

Rating 5/5 - E.D.- Sensius Pavilions - July 2016

"Professional staff. A very quick and almost painfree form of hair removal. Id definately recommend it"

Rating 5/5 - S.N.- Sensius Navan - July 2016

"Absolutely brilliant experience."

Rating 5/5 - M.G.- Sensius Pavilions - July 2016

"Just had my third session with Naomi. She was very professional and made the experience fly by!"

Rating 5/5 - S.A.T.- Sensius Ilac - July 2016

"Naomi made a very nervous client feel relaxed and at ease."

Rating 5/5 - R.T.- Sensius Ilac - July 2016

"Treatments went really well, friendly therapist, hardly any pain and overall a very good experience."

Rating 5/5 - P.M.- Sensius Ilac - July 2016

"The girls in Navan salon were very helpful today and answered all rhe questions I had. Most polite and professional staff."

Rating 5/5 - E.T.- Sensius Navan - July 2016

"Really nice girl did my treatment. Very professional, nice, smiley and helpful"

Rating 5/5 - E.D.- Sensius Pavilions- July 2016

"Great service - organised, structured, well explained & immaculately clean. Ruth was lovely too!"

Rating 5/5 - D.W.- Sensius Navan - July 2016

"Excellent as always .. Only my 2nd session and can already see a difference" 

Rating 5/5 - S.A.- July 2016

"The Girls are really nice and gentle. I didn't finish my sessions, but the result are unbelievable. Thank you."

Rating 5/5 - S.A.- July 2016

"Treatments went really well, friendly therapist, hardly any pain and overall a very good experience."

Rating 5/5 - P.M.- Sensius Ilac - July 2016

"Love going for my treatment... The girls ate so nice and make me feel fully at ease...."

Rating 5/5 - G.D.- Sensius Pavilions - June 2016

"Cannot recommend Sensius enough. After first treatment of laser hair removal noticed a difference. Excellent service and staff are so professional. Jen"

Rating 5/5 - J.W.- Sensius Ilac - June 2016

"Got my third session of tattoo removal and need to say the girls in sensius are brilliant very friendly and professional and I will definitely book another session to get my tattoo removed" 

Rating 5/5 - Z.C.- Sensius Ilac - June 2016

"As always. ... the girls are excellent -professional, friendly, and efficient. Streets above the rest." 

Rating 5/5 - L.E.- Sensius Ilac - May 2016

"Fantastic, in and out in no time. Great results so far.  And the girl who looked after me is lovely."

Rating 5/5 - E.H.- Sensius Ilac - May 2016

"Great employees, great prices, great place"

Rating 5/5 - L.S.- Sensius Ilac - May 2016

"Professional staff. A very quick and almost painfree form of hair removal. Id definately recommend it"

Rating 5/5 - S.N.- Sensius Navan - May 2016

"The lady was patience slow and very understanding. The laser treatment is working well and I have seen upto an 80% reduction in hair loss if not more. Looking to do more areas soon :-)"

Rating 5/5 - A.G.- May 2016

"I'm really happy with the treatment so far. I've just completed my 3rd session of 6 & the results are amazing. The staff are friendly and helpful."

Rating 5/5 - T.M.- May 2016

"Had my first session with fiona and wow what an amazing experience from start to finish. From the friendly yet professional and reaasuring Fiona to the treatment itself A+ on all levels .Truly excellent experience from start to finish .highly highly recommend ."

S.M. February 2016

"I would highly recommend this Clinic for its professionalism. Great looking place and staff extremely knowledgeable."

Rating 5/5 - J.M.- February 2016

"Just had the last session , huge difference ,brilliant result . Definetly recomand Sensius. The staff is so friendly ,thank you girls ??"

Rating 5/5 - D.B.- February 2016

"Extremely professional staff and treatment, cannot wait the next appointment and definitely will recommend you to my friends ??."

Rating 5/5 - B.G.- January 2016

"I have to say, this place is the best one I have ever been. Every time I go for my appointments I always have a wonderful experience (even though the treatment is a bit uncomfortable ) the staff are always amazing, each one of them. Very professional and accommodating. I am definitely pleased with you girls :) Marleide" 

Rating 5/5 - M.S.- January 2016

"Sensius Ireland laser clinic provided me and my wife a perfect display of professionalism in every service a laser clinic can offer. The staff is incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I have 4 sets of laser hair removal so far and the results are incredible. It is unfortunate that due to my dark skin I am unable to receive certain skin and nail laser treatments, but the staff has been honest about it, which shows that they care about the customer and service, not money. Highly recommend them."

B.A.- January 2016

"I was actually quite nervous about going for my consultation with sensius. medical/beauty procedures make me quite anxious but Laura was so helpful. She talked me through the steps for hair removal and was super nice before during and after my consultation. I'm a bit more at ease going for my appointments now. I would definitely recommend them to a friend ??"

Rating 5/5 - K.N.- October 2015

"Very professional and pleasant experience. It is spotless clean and all staff are very courteous"

Rating 5/5 - K.R.- October 2015

"Love the staff so kind and friendly , love the treatment itself is wat every woman needs , overall brilliant experience again ????"

Rating 5/5 - S.O.- October 2015

"Yvonne was lovely and the treatment wasn't painful at all. I am really happy with my results."

Rating 5/5 - P.M.- October 2015

"Just had my 5th session and the results so far have been amazing , it's hard to believe that within a few months I went from needing to shave my legs nearly every day to barley once every few months. I was always self conscious because of this plus having eczema,which left me with loads of scars , I never wore shorts or let people see my legs , so much that it put me off getting laser for years ! But luckily I decided just to call in for a consultation and its the best thing I ever did . The girls in Sensius made me feel so comfortable from the start , can't rate them highly enough. I never expected the results to be this good. I would highly recommend Sensius for laser hair removal."

Rating 5/5 - Natalie - August 2015

"The best laser clinic in Dublin."

Rating 5/5 - Norah - August 2015

"Good job and Yvonne was soo pleasant. No discomfort at all, am really happy"

Rating 5/5 - S.M. - June 2015

"Brilliant result!! can't say one bad word, place is beautiful and spotless and the staff are really friendly."

Rating 5/5 - N.H. - June 2015

"The staff is very easy to talk to and professionals. I'm very happy that I have chosen them for my laser treatment."

Rating 5/5 - A.O. - June 2015

"The best laser treatment i ever had highly recommended got 80%result in just 3 session amazing experience"

C. C. C. - May 2015 - Facebook Post

"The staff are very accomodating and extremely polite and professional..I had a lot of cancelation of appointment on my own part and the staff were very understanding and pleasant. I have very low pain threshold but all the staff that did my treatment were very caring and patient with me. I look forward to ordering a new set of treatment. thank you Sensius."

Rating 5/5 - C.O. - May 2015

"Just had my 2nd of 7 sessions and couldn't be happier. I can already notice a difference since my 1st session. Staff are always professional and friendly, extremely helpful. Will be recommending to friends."

Rating 5/5 - V.D. - May 2015

"I'm very happy with my results so far. The staff in Sensius are very professional and knowledgeable. I'll definitely be recommending the treatment to my friends!"

Rating 5/5 - A.N. - April 2015

"It's my second session in the hair removal sensius and it's brilliant the stuff are friendly and professional. I could recommend anyone wanting to do hair laser removal to come to the clinic. Grainne you have been amazing and thank you for giving me the confidence and making me feel comfortable."

Rating 5/5 - A.L. - April 2015

"Cannot advise sensius enough all the girls are very polite and welcoming which makes me really look forward to my appointments the results are amazing and you start to see results in just one session! If you've never had laser you are missing out big time! I'm like a new women and all thanks to all the fabulous staff at sensius xx"

Rating 5/5 - C.K. - April 2015

"The staff at this clinic are so professional and friendly. They really endeavour to put the customer first and make the laser treatments as comfortable as possible. Can't recommend highly enough!"

Rating 5/5 - C.K. - April 2015

"Friendly, knowledgeable staff who actually listen and look out for the well being of their client. Frankly, Sensius is a model of how to actually do business and I am so glad I was recomended to go see them."

Rating 5/5 - L.J. - April 2015

"This was my second visit to Sensius and I experienced the same welcoming, professional service again today. The Laser treatment was delivered efficiently, in a relaxed and calm atmosphere by a very attentive therapist. I am receiving treatment for fungal nail infection and highly recommend Sensius to anyway who may be considering treatment for this."

Rating 5/5 - D.S. - April 2015

"Laura was willing to answer all my questions and concerns. She explained the prices clearly and there was no catches or pressure. She is professional and I felt welcomed as a male customer no different from anyone else. I would definitely recommend Sensius and look forward to my laser treatment. Thank you."

Rating 5/5 - C.R. - April 2015

"Just had my 2nd session today,I'm very happy with the results from first session,staff are amazing friendly and professional.,I highly recommend Sensius !thanks so much..."

E. C. - April 2015 - Post by E.C.

"Fantastic session. I was not hurried. No areas left un lasered :) Many Thanks and see u next time"

Rating 5/5 - U.M. - Mar 2015

"Just had my 2nd session today , staff are amazing ,so friendly and full of advice and tips to get the best results. Ive only had 2 sessions and The results are unbelievable. I've considered getting laser done for years but never got around to doing it , so I'm delighted that I've started now ?? thank you Sensius xx"

Rating 5/5 - N.O. - Mar 2015

"I went to 3 different clinics for 12 courses and none seemed to help until I found this one, im on my 3rd course now and im so satafied with the results. Also the staff are really friendly and lovely. Will defiantly recommend!"

Rating 5/5 - R.Z. - Mar 2015

"Another fantastic visit to Sensius. The staff were lovely as always, Jenny is a credit to the place and is brilliant at her job. She made me feel comfortable from my very first visit. The salon itself is always spotless and well kept. The only place I'd recommend for laser. Keep up the great work!"

Rating 5/5 - Grace - Mar 2015

"Absolutely thrilled with results from sensius hair removal...lovely comfortable friendly environment...I would highly recommend sensius!! Staff are so nice and very welcoming...thanks so much...a very satisfied customer I am!!"

Rating 5/5. - Full Face - Ann - Mar 2015

"Hi there, I am very happy with my treatment and the staff are lovely, definitely I will keep doing and recomend to ALL my friends."

Rating 5/5. - N.S. - Mar 2015

"I am absolutely happy with my results,but even more happy with your absolutely great attitude! You are very professional in terms of you are doing,plus I do appreciate yours always good mood, it's very important to be as friendly and easy-going as you are. Thank you so much for everything!"

Rating 5/5. - Full Face - V.P. - Mar 2015

"Laser hair removal and it really works and quarter the price of any other hair removal place

I don't normally post stuff like this but omg I am shocked at the results from Sensius , I've tried everything from waxing to NoNo and nothing worked But just 1 session of this and 90% of my unwanted hair is gone like gone gone in just 3 weeks !!!

I'm thrilled wit the result and still have 6 sessions left , never taught anything would work on me , so a big thank you to the friendly and welcoming staff I'm chuffed xxx.

Amazing just amazing every girl wife & daughter should be bought this , best gift to myself ever xxx"

S.O. - Feb 2015 - Post by S.O.

"Thanks to Sharon for sure a comfortable relaxing treatment today I'm really stating to see my results sure a lovely salon"

A.C.P. - Feb 2015 - Post by A.P. 

"I had my third session today...started noticing the difference after second session. Love the staff so friendly and exceptionally professional. they take great care of their clients. the service is one of top class."

D.B. - Feb 2015 - Post by D.B.

"Perfect as usual.  So efficient, clean and quick. Great customer service."

Rating 5/5. Underarm, Bikini & Lower Legs - K.F. - Feb 2015

"My experience has been amazing and your staff are really great, especially the one who did my treatments.  Keep the high standard, well done."

Rating 5/5 - Chest & Face - A.S. - Jan 2015

"The girls are very nice, knowledgeable & professional. They do their best to make the laser experience comfortable & pleasant."

Rating 5/5 - Full Face - M.M. - Jan 2015

"I was greeted with a big smile.  I was put at ease before the treatment and made me feel very comfortable throughout. Fantastic staff and results!"       

Rating 5/5 - Bikini and Underarms - L.O.

"Excellent, very happy with my treatment and the customer service of the staff. Would recommend the treatment to others."                       

Rating 5/5 - Full Face - J.H.

"Once again very happy with my treatment.  The girls are lovely and so good at their jobs".

Rating 5/5 - Full Face - K.E.

"The girls make you feel so comfortable and very nice, I am pleased with my results."

Rating 5/5 - Underarm and Bikini - R.O.

"I've been continually impressed by the quality of the service provided by Sensius.  The great results are complemented by deligent and professional staff making the overall experience excellent.  I am planning to book further courses in the future and would recommend your service to anyone who expressed a need for your services." 

Rating 5/5 - Full Face - E.M.

"Very happy with treatment and customer service.  All of the staff are very professional and helpful." 

Rating 5/5 - Full Face - J.H.